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Mortgages with CCJ's

Mortgages with CCJ's

Can I get a mortgage with CCJ's

If the CCJ's were registered over 2 years ago, you are likely to need a minimum 15% deposit. First time buyers accepted

Homeowners with up to 2 small CCJ's registered in the last 2 years may be possible but will require a minimum 15% deposit. Home owners only

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Mortgage application with CCJ

When a mortgage application has been submitted, the mortgage lender will look at your credit record to assess how likely they will be in getting the mortgage repaid.

A County court judgement ( CCJ ) is evidence of an agreement that has broken down. Even a single county court judgement will affect your credit rating. The more recent the date of judgement, the more importance it will have. Evidence of several county court judgements will further reduce the number of lenders available to you. Both the number and the combined value of CCJ's will affect the mortgage terms offered to you

Mortgage lenders are not able to judge the rights or wrongs of a particular case.
A County court judgement arises from the non payment of a debt. The creditor (the person who is owed money) will ask the courts to issue a county court claim form which should state the amount owed and why it is owed.

You have 14 days to reply to this claim form. You can either pay the claim in full or contest the claim. If you ignore the form altogether then judgement by default applies, this can result in a judgment order demanding that you pay the money in full immediately

To find out if a CCJ has been registered against you, you can either request a copy of your credit file from the credit reference agencies Experian or Equifax which should list any CCJ's registered or you can contact the Registry Trust.

The Registry Trust Limited 173-175 Cleveland Street London, W1P 5PE.

There is a fee of 4.50 for a postal search of the register for each name and address searched.

After the court hearing, the court may issue an order saying you must repay the debt. This order is called a Count court judgement (CCJ) and will either be for the amount agreed between you and your creditor or, if you can’t agree, a payment set by the court.

If you have judgments from more than one creditor, the court can combine your debts and make an ‘administration order’ - saying you must make a single payment every month to be shared by all your creditors.

Unless you pay the full amount of the judgment within one month, your CCJ will be recorded on the Register of County Court Judgments for six years.

If you pay the full amount you owe within one month of the judgment date, you can ask the court to take your name off the Register; the court will cancel your entry on the Register, and will give you a certificate to prove that you paid the debt within one month.

If you cannot pay the debt in one month, you can ask the court to mark the Register 'satisfied' after you have made your final payment. This will tell anyone who searches the Register that you have paid the debt. It will also tell them when you made your last payment.

You will still have to pay a fee and show the court proof that you have paid. The court will give you a 'certificate of satisfaction' but the entry will stay on the Register for six years from the judgment date.

Most Mortgage lenders will assess applications using credit scoring. Evidence of County court judgements will reduce your score, other factors such as occupation and length of time with employer will increase your score.

Some mortgage lenders will require that any CCJ's are satisfied on or prior to completion. Please ask your broker whether this will be a requirement in your situation.

As a mortgage broker we can identify which mortgage lenders will be available to you and can find the best package for your circumstances.